Never seen
but always near.

Our products are used in various
applications ranging from paper,
paintings and cosmetics electronic products
such as liquid crystals.


Based on acrylic acid esters, we provide the materials that become the various familiar resin materials that support people's lifestyles.

Chemical products

We provide secret ingredients for products, centered on distilled acrylate, which can be applied to resin raw materials.

Electronics materials

We supply high quality materials essential to IT industries such as Smartphones, tablet PCs, including materials for liquid crystals and for semiconductors, etc.

  • Liquid crystal materials
  • Semiconductor materials


We carry out research and development with our gaze fixed on the current state and future of the market from a global perspective.



The company fulfills its responsibility towards society through the manufacture and sale of chemical products.


Investor Relations

You can see the company's sales, profits, and other key data.

Investor Relations

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